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Glenn Gottlieb - Mediator & Attorney

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Business and General Civil Mediation

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Cases Glenn Has Mediated

Glenn has successfully mediated hundreds of matters involving:

  1. business & commercial disputes
  2. defective merchandise, breach of warranty
  3. partnership and joint venture disputes
  4. breach of contract
  5. personal injury (auto, medical malpractice, other)
  6. premises liability
  7. construction defect
  8. real property disputes
  9. collections matters
  10. employment (wage & hour; termination; discrimination; harassment)
  11. intellectual property disputes (copyright; trademark)
  12. fraud
  13. landlord-tenant
  14. insurance coverage, subrogation issues
  15. co-owner and inter-generational conflicts
  16. unfair competition
  17. bankruptcy

About Glenn's Style

My strengths as a mediator are that I establish a natural rapport with people and am adept at listening, defusing emotional blocks and building cooperation. My focus is "getting the deal done" by fostering a positive, flexible, collaborative environment. My strengths include calm patience and gentle tenacity; the ability to discern underlying motives, feelings and agendas; integrity, establishing credibility as a neutral; creative problem-solving, people skills and sense of humor; and tailoring my approach as appropriate under the circumstances. I respect the parties' time by being prepared and reviewing all materials in advance, and expect the same of counsel and the parties by coming prepared and serious about mediation.

Prior to the Mediation

Briefs are strongly recommended and should not exceed ten pages (exclusive of exhibits not easily summarized in the brief itself). Briefs should be delivered and shared among the parties at least one full week prior to the scheduled mediation. Additional confidential information may be provided to the mediator either by supplemental brief or letter, clearly marked as confidential.

Confidentiality is strictly protected. All parties are required to execute an Agreement to Mediate at the convening of each Mediation Session.

Agreement to Mediate

Mediation Guidelines
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